About Jeanne Nemcek

Jeanne Nemcek is a Chicago-based illustrator and visual artist inspired by the world of graphic design and storytelling. Her work includes graphic novels and intricate drawings.

A bit about myself

Native Chicagoan, graphic designer and lifelong collaborator within the design community. I specialize in publication design with a focus in magazine production and manage an active freelance business from my studio on the southside of the city. Indulging my love of print has resulted in my latest obsession, graphic novels. The Legend of Piney Stump and The Table Series are part of an ongoing collection of self published novellas that combine my instincts for storytelling with a collage of imagery and pattern. My latest book Smart Cuffs is currently in development with installments shared along the way. If you would like to know more about my experience and work please drop me a line, I always enjoy a good chat.

My Resume