It began with a beautiful red and white enamel table that I discovered while combing through the contents of my uncle’s house on the southeast side of the city. Intrigued by a hope chest of mementos, secret family history and a time capsule of household appliances I embark on my next visual adventure titled The Table Series. By featuring one still life a week I plan to gradually uncover the story behind these objects and reveal a much bigger picture through this work in progress. It's just getting started so please visit often.

Illustration has always been at the core of my career as a designer and a natural part of my creative process. Originally inspired by the intricate patterns and bold colors of handwoven textiles and screen printed fabrics I began to simulate those meticulous designs and apply them to everyday, functional objects. Vignettes of chairs, baskets, wooden doors, pottery and plant life became the catalyst for my ongoing tribute to the ordinary. A quiet reflection of the world around me.