As a native Chicagoan I have always been involved in the arts in one form or another. Co-founder of two performance art collectives, musician, graphic designer and most recently as creator of The Legend of Piney Stump, my first graphic novel. At the core of all my work is a desire to simply tell stories and that includes an ongoing collection of narrative illustrations. I consider these drawings a natural offshoot of my work as a graphic designer which often involves research for the perfect imagery to illustrate abstract concepts and editorial content. When I’m not busy creating meaningful design I pursue alternate venues for my ideas and projects. When "The Legend of Piney Stump" was selected to be part of Chicago Artists Month, I presented an evening of live narration accompanied by multimedia projections and original music. That event inspired me to self publish a small book of the novel bringing all my efforts full circle. From humble beginnings in the newspaper industry to my current design business I have relied on practical experience and a collaborative spirit to share my skills whenever possible. I can be found most days in the studio working on my latest design project, a new illustration for the collection or kicking around ideas for the next graphic novel which at this point will not include any dogs or wooden sticks.